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Born in Karachi, Pakistan, graduated from Staffordshire University in the UK, started his professional career and lived in Dubai, UAE for close to 15 years, he has recently relocated to the United Stated of America.
Don’t sell yourself short.

About Zain MOosa

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, graduated from Staffordshire University in the UK, started his professional career and lived in Dubai, UAE for close to 15 years, he has recently relocated to the United Stated of America. Early stage employee of Magnus Communications, Karachi, and the co-founder of its operations, Magnus Technologies, Dubai, Zain serves as the Director Operations for multiple companies under and associated with the Magnus Group. With over a decade and a half of experience in the Middle East region, Zain has mastered the art to make the East meet the West. During the last 3 years Zain has led major business development initiatives by creating a startup funnel of South Asian startups and provided them market entry and growth capital access to expand their businesses to the Middle East and regionally.
If you have tried and failed, its a job done well. Some don’t even try.



Sell the problem you solve - not the product.


A platform for parents to track the progress of their children at school, monitor daily task updates, receive teacher notes to parents and much more with a single touch of a finger.

Queno helps ensure safety by allowing parents to follow their children with every footstep out of home up to school and back. Likewise, Queno works to save time and reduce workload on teachers by organizing timetables, attendance records of students and staff, carrying out child performance evaluation together with maintaining true confidentiality of individual students among parents.
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ModulusTech has started this journey by building self-sustaining communities for the most underserved segments of society, providing not just homes but better

health, stability, and economic opportunities. The inhabitants are also provided the means to live their day to day lives with access to renewable sources of energy and clean water – forming a neutral carbon footprint. With our mission to provide sustainable living for all, we continue to foster innovation and strive to provide solutions for wide scale impact contributing to over 9 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Visit Website
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It’s the first global patient centered health data exchange network powered by blockchain technology. We have already built a HIPAA compliant cloud platform which

aggregates patient’s health information from healthcare providers and even wearable wellness devices. We then apply big data predictive analysis to provide in-depth health insights to doctors and patients. We also allow patients to create Emergency Health Profiles which can be shared with doctors in critical situation; specially if the patient is unconscious. Visit Website
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A Pakistani based indie game development studio. Believing that video games are the ultimate art form and want to use this art medium to make a difference.

We do this by creating fun and engaging games. Creating a global platform to promote gaming culture for the masses – by building a developer community across borders that generates significant returns for our partners and investors. Visit Website
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Photography hobby

Project: Tech Startup

Swiffix Technologies

Position: Co-founder and Director Operations

A platform that connects people with prescreened independent service providers to fulfil their home maintenance and car service needs. With instant estimates, users have the ability to book within 60 seconds, track the progress of the job – all the way until completion!

Project: High-End Villa Construction

Emirates Hills

Position: Project & Site Lead

A renovation project for a 6-bedroom villa in Sector E, Emirates Hills. Positioned in one of the most sought-after sectors in Emirates Hills, this villa would make an ideal luxury family home for those looking for the most prestigious of addresses. Independently situated and beautifully designed, this villa has an elegant approach with an open plan entrance that leads to the brightly lit foyer with its high ceiling and on into the living and dining rooms with their designer furniture and chic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Project: Inauguration of the Burj Khalifa

Emaar Properties

Position: Team Lead

The inauguration of the Burj Khalifa was a big deal. It was a high profile event which was being covered by media from around the world. Managed the VIP entrance of the extravagant opening ceremony. Point of contact for the team with the Prime Minister’s Media Office, Dubai Police, Emaar Projects and Emaar Chairman’s office.

Project: Baron Hotel Dubai & Kabul

The Baron Hotels

Position Information Technology Lead

Lead for adapting to new technology and higher security measures by using state of the art equipment and processes. Managed the per-opening of the hotel and overseeing the brand creation, interior design, procurement, and fit-out of the Baron Hotel from concept to fully operational status.

Project: Renovation at Jumeriah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estate

Position: Project & Site Lead

Project lead for the up-gradation of three residential villas in the Lime Tree Valley community of Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai. These villas were upgraded to cater to a niche clientele that would enjoy the serenity of the golf course as well as top notch luxury. These villas were estimated at US$ 10 million combined.